Song Registration

Several songs that are streamed or played on radio are not properly documented and therefore not associated with the composition. As a result, the royalties from these streams/spins are not paid out to the proper parties.

We will register & encode your music for airplay tracking. If your song is being played on mainstream radio or streamed, the only way for it to be tracked is for it to be encoded. When we encode your song, it will be recognized by Mediabase, Nielsen Soundscan and Billboard.


Name of person registering song.
Please provide the email address of registrar. Also used for billing.
Please enter the official title of the song. It should be the title as registered on digital platforms / distributors.
Please provide the full name of the artist performing this song.
Please provide the name of the label. If label is not entered or Independent, default will be NOT LISTED when registered.
This number is required when registering your song.
Radio edits should be under 4 minitues and close as possible to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Long versions and instrumentals can be registered separately.
Please make sure your MP3's have the following settings: Bit Rate: 128; Frequency/Sample Rate: 44100; Mode: Stereo; No Artwork; No ID3 Tagging.
Please double check information for spelling and accuracy.
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