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Calvin Bridges – Jesus Is Lord

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Calvin Bridges - Jesus Is Lord
Calvin Bridges – Jesus Is Lord
Telling the World Jesus Is Lord!

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Calvin Bridges - Jesus Is Lord (Live)
Calvin Bridges – Jesus Is Lord (Live)


Calvin is Chosen to do a work for the Master! “It’s about the GOSPEL Message in the Gospel songs that spread the “Good News” about Jesus!” JESUS IS LORD is not only a celebration in song but a Herald… A Global Proclamation to Earth and Heaven that Jesus Lives and He Reigns Forever!
That’s my mission and message, to tell the world that Jesus is Lord! There’s no other name like Jesus. No greater authority known to man… His name is above every name. Shout with me-JESUS IS LORD, He’s the only one; King of Kings, Son of God; JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!


TITLE:  “Jesus Is Lord (Live)”
ARTIST: Calvin Bridges
WRITER: Calvin Bridges
LABEL:  PNEUMA/Spirit Recordings, Inc.
ISRC#: ushm91952878
UPC: 827679045022
PUBLISHING: Bring It Back Home Music/ASCAP
PRODUCER: Calvin Bridges

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