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Pastor Darren Farmer, Sr. – Be With Me

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Pastor Darren Farmer, Sr.  - Be With Me
Pastor Darren Farmer, Sr. – Be With Me
BE WITH ME.. is a song that speaks to the heart and the times that we are in, with its capturing lyrics straight from the mouth of God.

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Pastor Darren A. Farmer, Sr - Be With Me - COVER
Pastor Darren A. Farmer, Sr – Be With Me


A native of Baltimore, MD, he is an effective communicator of God’s word, Pastor Farmer is known for his dynamic preaching, teaching, and his heart for music. At 26 years old Pastor Farmer has combined his music with his ministry. He has created a movement birthed out of a desire to combine music and the preaching of the gospel. In just 5 years he has led The Upper Room Apostolic Cathedral from 5 to 300+ members with the goal to further spread the gospel. 
Along with pastoring, he ministers through music with his anointed singing and songwriting. Pastor Darren Farmer, has released a plethora of albums, entitled Pastor Darren Farmer presents The Upper Room Apostolic Church Experience Volume 1-3. He is also known for songs like “Chilly Winds” featuring Keith Wonderboy Johnson and his recently released song “Be With Me” on Vol. 3 available digitally.




TITLE: “Be With Me”
ARTIST: Pastor Darren A. Farmer, Sr
ISRC#: USL4R2046801






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