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The Gospel Legends – Get Right Church

Tracking Your Success (Jean Alston)

The Gospel Legends - Get Right Church
The Gospel Legends – Get Right Church
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The Gospel Legends - Get Right Church
The Gospel Legends – Get Right Church

THE GOSPEL LEGENDS commemorate three successful decades together. And although some members have come and gone over the course of all those years, the Pringle brothers have remained the heart and soul of the group all along. With their 8th studio album, Just One Touch, released on December 11, 2020. Allen now insists their purpose has never wavered. The mission, and only mission, was to give God all the praise and glorify his name. But the inspiration to share their stories has always been there—and this latest album proves that their music has very much grown up with them.



TITLE: “Get Right Church”
ARTIST: Gospel Legends
LABEL: OTH Records
ISRC#: QM-EU3-20-23337



Oliver T Hill
OTH Management
(303) 944-5634





JEAN ALSTON at Tracking Your Success at  (443) 825-9403, send email or fill out the servicing request below. 

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